Product Portfolio

OrganaBio’s portfolio of human, xeno-free perinatal tissue-derived cells is designed for the development of allogeneic cell and gene therapies.

About OrganaBio Products

Cell lot-specific identity and in vitro functional data informs donor, tissue and lot selection to increase process and product development success rates. The ability to donor match various combinations of MSCs and/or immune cells, along with 2x high-resolution HLA typing, allows our customers to elucidate the effects of HLA matching (or mismatching) on cell persistence, immune response, and immune rejection.

Our focus on robust, reproducible and scalable cell manufacturing, paired with the utmost attention to quality, rapidly moves our customers to IND-enabling preclinical studies and facilitates customers’ tech transfer to clinical manufacturing.

Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

  • Placenta & umbilical cord processed fresh, within hours of birth
  • Available in vials of 1 million and 10 million cryopreserved cells
  • 7 day, 15x expansion potential; No media change necessary when expanded with GroPAC™-MSC-CGM
  • Thoroughly characterized for identity, viability, expansion potential, and functionality in vitro (differentiation potential, immunomodulatory potential and cytokine secretion)

Complete Growth Medium

  • Optimized for growth of MesenPAC™-MSCs in a batch 2D process
  • No media exchange necessary to robustly and reproducibly generate large quantities of cells, minimizing media cost and in-process manipulations
  • Includes 500mL basal medium, 3mL supplement, and 27 mL hPL
  • Xeno-free, phenol red free

Natural Killer Cells

  • Umbilical cord blood processed fresh, within hours of birth
  • 1 million cryopreserved cells per vial, from a single donor
  • High viability, high purity population obtained through CD56 positive selection

Preclinical Test Kits

  • Receive 1 vial of cells and 1 media kit to rapidly screen product in your workflow
  • Each MesenPAC–PL Test Kit includes 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-PL (1 million cells) and 1 GroPAC™-MSC-CGM Complete Growth Media kit
  • Each MesenPAC-UC Test Kit includes 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-UC (1 million cells) and 1 GroPAC-MSC-CGM Complete Growth Media kit

MSC Tissue Test Kit

  • Receive MSCs derived from placenta and umbilical cord, from a single donor, to screen effects of tissue origin in your workflow
  • Each MesenPAC-MSC Tissue Test Kit includes 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-PL, 1 vial of MesenPAC-MSC-UC (1 million cells each) and 1 GroPAC™-MSC-CGM media kit

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