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Who We Are

OrganaBio was founded in 2018 by scientists and business leaders motivated to bring next generation regenerative medicine therapies to market. Since then, we have assembled a team of industry veterans, from scientists and engineers with years of bioprocess and therapeutic development experience to those versed in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, and successful business-building. Combined, we have over two centuries of experience in all areas necessary for success in regenerative medicine! Our team is passionate about expediting the development of novel cell and gene therapies, ultimately improving quality of life and/or saving lives for many. We truly believe that regenerative medicine is the future of medicine, and we work relentlessly to help our customers and partners bring their therapies to market.

HemaCenter, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of OrganaBio that supplies adult whole blood-derived cellular starting materials to cell therapy developers for the advancement of next-generation medicines, including groundbreaking cancer therapeutics.

GaiaGift, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of OrganaBio with the mission to use generously gifted birth tissue to accelerate the development of life-saving cures.  By donating the birth tissues to medical research, mothers enable the discovery of new methods of treating a range of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and various forms of cancer.

Our Collective Mission and Vision

VISION: To democratize access to critical and limited resources for cell therapy developers, catalyzing clinical translation and commercialization of life-altering and life-saving cures

MISSION: To create a portfolio of tightly integrated cellular and manufacturing solutions that allow developers to advance their programs to clinical translation

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Currently, GaiaGift does not have job opportunities available.


OrganaBio offers an integrated solution of supply chain, development, and manufacturing resources specifically for cell therapy developers. We believe a new paradigm in CDMO partnerships is needed — one that is specifically founded on transparency, quality, and scalability. Come join us as we grow our company and your career.