Accelerating the delivery of life-changing therapies

Through a new end-to-end paradigm in cGMP manufacturing

Our Commitment

We believe a new paradigm in CDMO partnerships is needed – one specifically founded on affording start-ups to large pharmaceuticals, biotech companies and cell therapy developers the flexibility and agility, significantly reducing manufacturing costs and timelines while committing to a culture of ethically sourcing raw materials from healthy donors fully consented under IRB-approved protocols and in accordance with US FDA 21 CFR 1271.

Through our process development expertise, advanced manufacturing capabilities and quality control systems, in-depth market knowledge, and extensive technical and regulatory support.   

OrganaBio’s mission is to accelerate the deployment of cell therapies by providing access to critical resources that are essential for therapeutic development. We execute this mission by being a robust and reliable solutions provider for cell therapy researchers and industry partners.  

OrganaBio’s products and services span much of the development lifecycle, from tissues and cellular starting materials to expert process development, cGMP manufacturing, and testing services expediting the path to clinical translation.  

OrganaBio’s proprietary supply chains of perinatal and adult tissues enable us to offer a range of starting cellular materials (MSCs, HSCs, NK cells, T cells, and other tissue and blood cell types) that are relevant to emerging cell therapies.  

OrganaBio’s state-of-the-art cGMP facility is not only used to manufacture the company’s cellular raw materials for therapeutics development but also offers the industry contract manufacturing, and support services to rapidly manufacture clinical materials. Partners can leverage OrganaBio’s broad portfolio of products and services to deliver treatment solutions to patients, more rapidly, efficiently, and economically. 

With over 200 combined years of experience in cell therapy and development and manufacturing, OrganaBio collaborates with and supplies reagents to leading academic institutes, start-ups, small to large biotechnology companies as well as pharmaceutical enterprises.   

Our Team

We offer our clients a broad array of expertise across a range of disciplines, including Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Cell and Gene Therapy, Drug Development, Immunology and Analytical Chemistry, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs. 

Our team has decades of “in the field” experience working in a range of environments, from academic institutions to start-ups, small and large biotech and small and large pharmaceutical enterprises. This is why our clients trust OrganaBio as one of their most reliable partners. 


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