Immune Cell-Based Therapies for COVID-19 (November 2020 update)

In late August, we reported about the clinical trial landscape utilizing immune cell-based therapies for COVID-19. The original search revealed 15 total relevant trials, out of which 6 were registered as Phase 1, 7 trials were Phase 1/2, and 1 trial was a Phase 2 trial (1 additional trial had no phase designation listed). For this updated […]

MSC-Based Therapies for COVID-19 (October 2020 update)

At the beginning of August, we searched the database to learn more about the U.S.-based clinical trial landscape of mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC) based therapies for COVID-19. The original search, conducted on July 31, 2020, revealed an active landscape filled with 53 “active” clinical trials (i.e., Available; Recruiting; Active, not recruiting; Enrolling by invitation). For […]

Immune Cell-Based Therapies for COVID-19

Immune Cell-based Therapies for COVID-19: Current Clinical Trial Landscape Data One element of COVID-19 is a hyper-response of the patient’s immune system, which in turn leads to lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome.1 At the same time, appropriate immune response is decreased due to immune evasion by the virus. 1,2 Treatment with immune cell-based adoptive therapies is […]