Leverage Our Proprietary Supply Chain of Perinatal and Adult Cellular Starting Materials and Flexible cGMP Manufacturing Solutions to Rapidly Advance Your Program

OrganaBio’s proprietary supply chain provides its customers with mission-critical resources, from birth tissue- and adult blood-derived tissues, progenitor, and immune cells to a suite of expert services and flexible cGMP manufacturing solutions. This enhances our customers’ success in clinical translation and commercialization.


Direct Donor Relationships / Diverse Network of Physicians / Access to Fresh Tissues


Birth Tissue and Birth Tissue-Derived MSCs / HSCs / Immune Cells

Adult Tissue-Derived Apheresis Products / HSCs / Immune Cells


Process Development / Manufacturing / Quality Assurance & Quality Control


Modular Options / Flexible Lease Periods / Supporting Services

Our Company Philosophy Is Founded On The Premise That Supply Chain Control, Quality And Redundancy Ultimately Dictate Program Success.

Our network of physicians and donors gives us access to fresh tissues, allowing us to manufacture the highest-quality cellular starting materials for cell- and immuno-therapies.

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Clinically Relevant Products

Birth Tissue- and Adult Blood-Derived Progenitor and Immune Cells and Paired Bioprocess Media Systems

Products with a clear path from research and development to clinical trials and beyond

Our commitment to quality guides our product design and manufacturing.

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Expert Services

Support for Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, and Process Development

Decades of industry expertise to facilitate your path to GMP manufacturing

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The Obvious Choice For Manufacturing

A new paradigm for the GMP manufacturing dilemma. A multi-tenant GMP facility offering modular cleanrooms and a host of support services for short- and long-term lease.


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Infrastructure and supply chain constraints consistently prevent the life sciences industry from delivering cutting-edge therapies to patients.

Through our unprecedented approach to supply chain management, we are transforming a world of cell research into one of cell therapies

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